gold canyon residential landscapes

Arizona Desert Landscape Design Tips

While many people think desert landscapes and drought stricken wastelands cover most of Phoenix, nothing could be further from the truth. For us Arizonans who choose to have landscapes covered in greenery we can do so without the fear of standing out like a sore thumb. However, for those of us who like the idea Read more about Arizona Desert Landscape Design Tips[…]

best time to plant

Best Time of the Year to Plant Grass Seed in Arizona

When to plant grass seed in Arizona Having lush green grass in our yards is what we all love to have around the year. But as much as we love having the grass around, we start losing it soon. It is because we do not know when we should plant the grass and how. There Read more about Best Time of the Year to Plant Grass Seed in Arizona[…]

hiring a landscape company

Mistakes to Avoid when Hiring and Landscaper

Hiring a Landscaping Company in Phoenix, AZ Hiring a landscaping company for the maintenance and renovation of your lawn is a very favorable decision as it will save your time from doing the task yourself. This free time you can enjoy with your friends and family while cherishing the perks of a lovely lawn. However, Read more about Mistakes to Avoid when Hiring and Landscaper[…]

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