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Hardscapes that transform
Backyards without breaking the bank

Hardscapes that transform
yards without breaking the bank


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Hardscapes that Renew Your Backyard

Hardscaping it essentially refers to anything done around the exterior of the home that is not plant or garden related, meaning outdoor living spaces, structures, etc. More specifically, it refers to “hard” materials such as stone, pavers, brick, stamped concrete, etc.

Our carefully designed plans will lead to a smooth installation and a beautiful hardscape for many years to come. A well designed hardscape not only enhances the way you look at your home, but it can substantially increase the value of your home as well.

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10 Years Experience

Creating spaces that look exquisite while being completely functional.


Complete Service

We can use most any of paver, brick, or stone to develop any feature you require. 


Affordable Hardscapes

Since most of our hardscapes are custom, we can develop a plan to fit the budget.

Outdoor BBQs, Kitchens, Patios, Firepits and Paved Areas
Built to Last

We'll Create Your Dream Outdoor Space. Entertaining Never Felt So Good.

We believe a good hardscape surface or structure should not only be attractive to look at and blend well with the rest of landscape, but it should be durable and sustainable for years to come. That’s why our sidewalks, walkways, walls, patios, terraces, and other structures are only put together with the highest-quality stone and concrete materials. Our projects are headed by a reliable and experienced staff of stone masons, carpenters, and metal fabricators. We can help you decide what size, shape, and color would look best with the rest of your landscape.

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Creating Beautiful Backyards throughout the East Valley

The materials used to construct these areas ranges from stone to brick to stamped and colored concrete and more.

We take our clients’ input and preferences extremely seriously, and we understand that each homeowner’s property is slightly different from the next, so we know the nuances of different soil types, terrain, and other intricacies. Give us a call so we can get started today!

Specializing in:

  • BBQ / Outdoor Kitchens
  • firepits
  • walls 
  • pavers
  • patios
  • pool decks
  • stone walkways
  • stamped / colored concrete
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