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About EV Land in Mesa

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EV Land, we offer a variety of watering systems to prevent that from happening. Whether you prefer sprinklers or drip systems, we take the time to investigate your soil type, plant arrangement, and personal preference in terms of your involvement with the system. This is what sets us apart from other irrigation services, who simply place sprinklers in random areas instead of carefully studying the area to determine which method and engineering practices would be best.

10 Years Experience

When it comes to design layout and troubleshooting, experience is all the difference.

Complete Service

.Installation, repairs and maintenance of your lawn's irrigation system.

Affordable Sprinklers

Irrigation systems can be as simple or as complex as you desire; we provide solutions that fit the budget.

Why EV Land for Your Sprinkler Systems?

Keeping your watering systems efficient while ensuring your lawn stays green!

Not all irrigation systems are created equal. Even sprinklers are not created equal. The difference depends on the quality of products used and wise engineering practices. That is why we are confident that our system is superb compared to anyone elses. Our team uses only the best products in the market.

One of the key aspects of keeping your lawn or yard beautiful and green all year round is taking care of it with regular irrigation services. If your property is well-watered, it will automatically look and feel much healthier, even if you choose not to take advantage of our comprehensive monthly maintenance services. It is our opinion that irrigation is one of the single best choices you can make to keep your landscape in good shape, whether it is an extensive garden or a plain yard. If your landscape is not kept hydrated, it will begin to dry out and wither, which not only looks unattractive but is a sign that the landscape is not in good health.

Simple and Easy.

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Custom Design for Custom Situations

Planning your systems needs is essential to the success of your irrigation system. Our team can only do this by visiting your site and planning the best irrigation system based on the soil type, the location of different plants, and the arrangement of the entire landscape. We don’t simply put sprinklers around just for the sake of having them because there are instances where other irrigation options are better.

Your personal preferences are seriously taken into consideration when building the best irrigation system. Some of our clients want a set-and-forget choice while some still want to do a little work when watering plants. The best irrigation system for you can never be perfectly planned if your personal preferences aren’t taken into consideration. Considering installing a sprinkler system yourself? See our DIY install guide.


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We are your East Valley team for all your outdoor needs. Located in Mesa we serve surrounding cities. Gold Canyon is where much of our landscape designs can be seen. We also have developed many new build property landscapes in San Tan Valley and Queen Creek including the Johnson Ranch area. We also provide design and regularly monthly maintenance services to GilbertMesa and Apache Junction. We look forward to becoming the last landscaping company you'll ever need!

Your neighborhood landscaper.

It’s important to understand that your landscape is an intertwined ecosystem, so if one part of it begins to struggle, that can spread to other areas. 

Every man on our team is educated, trained, and experienced in perfecting all aspects of landscaping. Irrigation is undoubtedly one of the most essential components of it.

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