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Designs that Separate your Yard from the Rest of the Neighborhood

Landscaping Design Tips to Sell Your Home Quick featured image

Your front yard is the place that first captures the attention of potential buyers. It sets the tone and provides a mindset of expectation for what they will discover inside.

First Impressions Count

If you are planning to sell your house at a reasonable price, you must pay particular attention to your front yard to attract maximum potential buyers. Create a good first impression by the lawn and a beautiful image of your house would be automatically created.

Addition of a few new features and landscaping ideas could prove incredible to an ordinary lawn as well. You just need to invest in hiring a competent and experienced company in the field that can provide the most appropriate renovation of your front yard and make it most appealing.

5 Ways to Increase Perceived Value

Here are five most intriguing ideas that you can add to your front yard quickly with the help of a landscaping company.

Design Tip 1: Walkways

Walkways are a fascinating addition that you could do to your front yard, running all the way through the flower beds and grass, the sidewalks create a very aesthetic appeal to your house. Whether the walkways connect to your main door or driveway, make sure to pay attention to their features. Walkways must be wide enough to allow two people to walk side by side. They should shape in style; you could go for a curvy one as well if you have ample space. Pick the paving material for it according to the structure of your house.

Design Tip 2: Flower Beds

If you wish to create a stunning entrance to your home, the flower beds are a perfect solution. The colorful blooming flowers make the moods happy and add beauty to whichever place they add. Planting the flower beds, berry shrubs and small flowering trees can increase the worth of your lawn many times over and would certiantly  interest the potential buyers to consider your house.

Design Tip 3: Patios and front porches

Creating a new patio or a front porch is also an interesting idea to enhance the looks of your house. If you already have a front porch, then modifying or enhancing it using several landscaping techniques could prove fruitful. The front porch or patios not only add beauty to the front yard but they also provide you with a comfortable place to sit around with your friends

new front porch

Design Tip 4: Courtyards

The courtyard is another option to beautify your front yard yet add a feature to it where you and your family can spend time without getting interrupted by the noises and traffic outside. A private corner where you can relax and enjoy at the same time.



Be it your guests or be it some customer who wishes to buy your house, you can create a good impression with an addition of courtyard.

Design Tip 5: Landscape Lighting

Many times it happens that the outdoor areas of the house that look super beautiful in the daytime, lose all their beauty as the darkness engulfs them. You can enhance the beauty of your front yard and lawn by the addition of landscape lights, in the night time as well. Adding these lights is a very affordable and simple way to beautify your garden. These lights create a soft ambiance that catches every eye.

These are five ways of beautifying your front yard with basic landscape design in order to get a handsome amount when you are about to sell it. Whether you want to sell your house at some time or not, keeping your front yard up to date is essential.

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